Why learn Tamil?

Tamil is one of the ancient classical literature and tradition of the world with an estimated history of more than 3000 years. Tamil had a well defined grammatical treatise named 'Tholkappiyam' even 2500 years ago. The maturity and fineness of this oldest literary work indicates that Tamil literature has even longer history than estimated. Tamil literature is also a part of curriculum of many international universities. Tamil is the first language of the state of Tamil Nadu and the union territory Pondicherry in India. There is a significant amount of Tamil population in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. It also has large communities of Tamil speakers in many other countries like Indonesia, United Kingdom, Canada, Mauritius, Australia, USA, London, South Africa.

People who move from other states to Tamil Nadu are learning Tamil. We have also seen a lot of interest from outside India for learning Tamil. But there are plenty of other reasons to learn Tamil. Here are some that we think will motivate you to learn this one of the oldest and beautiful language:

Learn one of the oldest living language of the world

Tamil has a very long history and its origins is still left to speculation. It is one of the oldest but yet surviving language of the world. Many scholars and linguists learn Tamil literature because of its richness and variety. Many historians also learn Tamil to research the world of ancient Tamils and their civilization.

Traveling to Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu has attracted large number of overseas visitors with its magnificient stone temples, historical monuments and its distinct culture. There is a significant amount of spiritual seekers from all over India visits Tamil Nadu temples. Learning little Tamil will help you deal with day to day life in Tamil Nadu. India's Little France- The Union Teritory Pondicherry: Pondicherry is a lovely little sea town resting along the wide beaches of Bay of Bengal where the French came in the 17th Century but ended up cultivating a blend of Indian and French culture. Pondicherry still has a community of French speakers and French is also an official language. For anyone from France either the purpose of visit to India is business or tourism, Pondicherry is the best place to start where they can feel like home as most of the people understands french. Learning Tamil still ease your stay in Pondicherry.

It's Your Mother Tongue!

Yes, your parents speak Tamil but you grew up in non Tamil schools and environment. May be outside of India or parts of India where Tamil is not that commonly used. Now you think you should learn language of your ancestors. Never a best day to start on that but today!

Love Rajinikanth? Want To Make It Big In Kollywood?

Tamil Super Star, Rajinikanth, with his unique style and stunts, has captivated the minds of millions of people not only in India but also in countries like the USA, UK, France, Japan and Korea. Rajinikanth's film Muthu (released in 1995 and later released in 1998 in Japan) was a not only big hit in India but was equally a huge success in Japan! His last film 'Endhiran' is also a stupendous success overseas. If you are a fan of Tamil movies or Rajinikanth, learning Tamil will help you appreciate his movies even more. Tamil film industry, also known as Kollywood, is the third largest film industry in India. Many actresses in Kollywood are from north or other parts of India. If you dream to make it big in Kollywood, knowledge of Tamil is absolutely necessary.


If you are in Tamilnadu, you will find opportunities expanding once you learn Tamil. Learning Tamil is also helpful for thousands of government officials who are not native Tamil speaker.

Befriend Your Neighbors

You will find Tamil speaking community all over India as well in the world. Your Tamil speaking neighbor is bound to love you more if you could communicate with them in Tamil.

My Customer Is Tamil

As India and Tamil are growing in the importance in world with more content on the web, e-commerce and growing consumer market, use of Tamil is inevitable for international trade. Learn Tamil to reach this large market. To connect with this massive market of over 80 million Tamil speakers worldwide, knowing and use of some Tamil will certainly brighten the prospects of boosting your sales.

Cultural Understanding

Learn the language and you will know their culture better. That's true for any language and culture around the world.

It Is Fun!

For some, learning a language is adventure and fun. They enjoy challenges of learning, speaking and reading new language. Learning language itself takes effort but it pays off when you can use it immediately.

What is your reason to learn Tamil? Tell us. or you can also share your reason with others by leaving a comment in the Facebook comment box below.